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Adoption Story 1: Flippi

Today we are remembering Flippi, who was adopted by Lori along with her mother Floppi from the Macon Animal Shelter back in 1996. Sadly, Flippi passed away very unexpectedly this morning (April 6, 2009).

This is Flippi:

We extend our deepest sympathies to Lori. Anyone who has bonded with a companion animal knows how difficult the loss of such a long time friend and beloved pet can be.

Flippi is survived by Gloria, Jasper James and Charlie Brown, shown in the photo below (Charlie is looking down).

Here’s Flippi sharing her bed with Jasper James:

When Lori adopted Flippi and Floppi, they had been at the Shelter for two weeks after being surrendered by their previous owners. They were together in a small cage, shaking, matted, and emaciated. The staff told Lori they had not eaten for two weeks due to stress. After visits to the vet and then the groomer, Flippi and Floppi settled into their new home and filled out with love and a good diet.

Lori contacted Flippi and Floppi’s former owners hoping to get some background on her new babies. It was a shock for her to hear that the reason they had surrendered them is that they had simply gotten tired of the dogs. Lori suspected that the dogs had experienced some form of abuse in the past, especially when x-rays revealed that the more timid Floppi had healed bone fractures.

Flippi and Floppi had a happy ending after their sojourn at the Macon Animal Shelter. Both lived long, full lives with Lori and her other pets.

In the photo below is the whole family together – Flippi is on the left behind Gloria, the dark cockapoo. (After her mother Floppi passed away in 2003, Flippi bonded with Gloria as a surrogate mother.) Lori’s other kids are Jasper James, Gertrude, Charlie Brown and Fernando.

Gloria also played surrogate mother to a rescue kitty, who was later adopted to a loving home:

Here’s Gloria getting a kiss from a friend:

This is a close-up of Charlie Brown:

This is Charlie with foster Daisy Dukes (who was dumped outside Lori’s office and is now living the high life in her new adoptive home where she has a wardrobe and very soon a regular groomer too!):

Gloria, Jasper James, Gertrude, Charlie Brown and Fernando survive Flippi, Floppi, Ivan, Olga and Sampson as Lori’s “furever” friends.

Ivan looked just like Benji. He was adopted from the Atlanta Humane Society in1986; he was probably over 20 when his kidneys finally failed.

Olga, a smart schnauzer mix, had been a highway orphan before Lori adopted her in 1984; she passed away due to cancer in 2002.

Sampson (below) had been an abuse case on death row at a high kill shelter. His inoperable eye problems didn’t interfere with his ability to provide Lori with faithful companionship from 2002-2007.

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Share your Macon Animal Shelter stories too!

We appreciate that Lori gave us permission to share the story of Flippi and Floppi, two darling dogs she adopted from the Macon Animal Shelter.

Flippi and Floppi started out the way far too many animals do when they first land at the Macon Animal Shelter facility. The good news for them was Lori! Thanks to being adopted into her caring home, they lived long lives full of love. Please read the whole photo essay to the left to appreciate the original plight of the dogs compared with their life after rescue.

We would like to take this opportunity to point out what a tremendous service an animal shelter stands to offer the people in its community. Animals provide unconditional love and companionship to so many people. The service of matching people with lifelong companions like Flippi and Floppi is priceless and should never be taken for granted.

If you have a story about your experience adopting an animal from the Macon Animal Shelter, feel free to write us.